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Since the 1970s, FiFi has toured the United States and Canada honoring veterans, educating and inspiring the public, and showcasing American airpower history. Starring in various movie and television productions, "FiFi", is the most famous, flying, B-29 "Superfortress" in the world. Click below to learn how you can take to the skies for a once in a lifetime experience on an American aviation legend!

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Living History
The CAF B29/B24 Squadron operates some of the rarest aircraft in the world. Learn more about our aircraft, the individuals who flew them, and their amazing contributions to aviation history.
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AirPower Flight Experiences
A flight experience like no other. See, feel, and hear history come alive.. Schedule a once in a lifetime flight experience on American aviation legends. A variety of aircraft and flight experience options are available. Click below to learn more about when and where you can take to the skies!
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Help Support Our Mission
The Commemorative Airforce's mission is to preserve and maintain historic military aircraft from a pivotal moment in American history. Your donations help preserve these historic aircraft and help us continue to honor, educate, and inspire past, current, and future generations. 

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