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Media & Contact Information


Media Inquiries:

Jacques Robitaille

Media Liaison

PO BOX 763577

Dallas, Texas 75376

P:  (972) 977-4245


Interview Opportunities:

The CAF Airpower History Tour is a great opportunity for television news feature stories, radio, podcasts, and other media formats. Members of our flight crew are available at tour stop locations and can be available for studio interviews.

Promotional Photos:

To request photos for news articles or promotional purposes email: Please state the intended use of the photos you are requesting.

Important Information For Photographers:

The Commemorative Airforce encourages photographers to document our rare and remarkable aircraft. Photos or videos taken of CAF aircraft may be used for non-commercial purposes or for limited circulation for educational purposes such as schools or museums.

Any additional commercial use for merchandise, websites, books, advertisements, or print, requires express written consent from the Commemorative Airforce National Headquarters. In instances where merchandise may be involved, a royalty may apply.

Permission is granted on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the PR director of the Commemorative Airforce for additional information and approvals. Inquiries and additional contact information can be located by clicking here.

The Commemorative Airforce is always looking for talented photographers and videographers. Please contact our media liaison if you are interested in photographic or video opportunities.

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